Review of Babies Suzuki Music Class at Clifton Center in Louisville, Ky


 photo img_0288_zps626d2cab.jpgRecently I took my 2-year-old to check out a babies Suzuki music class taught by members of the Louisville Orchestra. I know one of the teachers through my daughter’s school (she teaches Suzuki violin there). I wanted to see what this babies/toddlers class was all about so she invited me to try it for free. That option is available to anyone who would like to get a feel for this type of class.

We met on a Saturday morning back in the fall at the Clifton Center on Payne Street. The classes typically run for 45 minutes to an hour on Saturdays at 9am and 10:30am. My 2-year-old was exposed to music in a variety of ways. This was a bit different from a music class we’re typically used to. The children don’t necessarily sing songs the entire time. They are exposed to musical instruments and get an opportunity to play a scale on different instruments. At the class we attended they played on rain sticks, drums, a triangle, and a xylophone. The Suzuki Steps baby/toddler music class is based on Suzuki early childhood education and delves into listening, sequencing, pitch skills, number/motor/vocabulary skills, etc. It was very interesting.

Classes for the winter session begin on January 11. You can contact the instructor at for more information. It is an intimate setting with just 12 participants. She advised that children do not normally begin musical instrumentation until age 3. This class is designed to really help babies and younger toddlers focus and learn pitch and other musical elements.

By guest contributor: Erin

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