$2 Movies on Tuesdays at the Village 8 Theatre


Are you looking for a movie deal? It can be expensive but Village 8 is making it affordable for families to go to the movies. Check out their discounts! Village 8 $2 movies

The Village 8 in St. Matthews is a great value for families wanting to head out to the movies and not spend a fortune. The theatre is older and may not have all of the fancy feelings of the newer, larger movie theatres, but you can’t beat the value.

They have a list of first run and second run films and on Tuesdays, it’s only $2, what a great discount!  Take the family out for a special weekday treat!

Also important to note, there are plenty of other inexpensive movies deals at Village 8 (maximum ticket price is just $5!) and they have a sensory-friendly movie time.

Louisville, KY 40207


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