Review of the William G. Russell Meteorite Collection Exhibit

My family and I enjoyed the new William G. Russell Meteorite Collection Exhibit at Gheens Science Hall Rauch Planetarium, at the University of Louisville. You can park for free in the lot next the the planetarium on weeknights after 7:30pm or weekends, or you can print a Planetarium parking pass for Fridays between 5pm-7:30pm. On weekdays, you need a parking permit or you can pay ($7 at the time of this article) to park in the Speed Art Museum parking garage right next to the planetarium.

When you enter the planetarium, you enter into the lobby with the new exhibit along the back wall (there is also a small gift shop off the lobby in case you need to prepare your children to resist the “buy me this” urge like I do). The exhibit is open to view while you wait to attend whatever planetarium show or activity you have come to see. But don’t think this exhibit isn’t special just because it is free and open to be seen by all who come to the planetarium.

Bill Russell was fascinated by space and spent his life collecting meteorites and other bits of space. After he passed away, his family donated some of his collection to Rauch Planetarium for a new exhibit. The exhibit has over 130 specimens, 90 of which are meteorites, making it one of the most extensive public meteorite exhibits in our area. There are meteorites from all over the world, as well as a map of where all of the meteorites have been discovered and reported all over the world. There are cross sections of meteorites so you can see the inside of the meteorite, as well as a part of the exhibit that explains the
difference between asteroids, meteors, and meteorites (something I had
always been confused by). 

The best part of the exhibit is the ability to touch the meteorites- especially the big meteorite found in 1836! My kids loved it, and so did the adults! It’s amazing to touch something that has flown through space, made it through the atmosphere, and survived landing on Earth so long ago.

The planetarium offers public shows Friday nights, Saturday afternoons, and one Sunday per month. They also host kids programs and camps throughout the year. The William G. Russell Meteorite Collection Exhibit is a great resource we are so fortunate to have right here in Louisville. Be sure to check the Rauch Planetarium website for details on visiting  to see all they have to offer!

By Guest Contributor: Caryn
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