Farmer's Markets, Strawberry & Blueberry Picking, CSAs and ProduceDelivery in the Louisville Area


It’s the season for Farmer’s Markets and u-picks!


Almost any day in Louisville you can find a farmer’s market. This is a great opportunity to pick up organic and non-organic, fresh produce, flowers, baked goods, meat etc. You can google the farmer market to see if they have a website to get specifics of what is available each time. But, The Mayor’s Healthy Hometown initiative did a great job compiling a LIST, we aren’t going reinvent the wheel!

Let’s not forget about the sunny side, here’s links for Southern Indiana

Jeffersonville Farmers’ Market
New Albany Farmers’ Market

Now who does not love going to the farm with the family and picking fresh fruit and vegetables? What a great way to spend some quality family time together while getting some yummy food! We love Hubers and Hinton’s Orchard. Hubers is about 40min drive from Louisville while Hinton’s is closer to an hour. Both places have activities for the kids and calendar of events where you definitely can spend at least a half a day enjoying yourselves on the farm. There’s also Gallrein Farms in Shelbyville. Be sure to check out our reviews of both places. HUBERS HINTON ORCHARDS For blueberries, keep any eye out on the Bryant’s Blueberries website for details about their crop! Read our review!

Don’t forget about our recent review of Green B.E.A.N. Delivery as another option to obtain organic produce and support Midwest farmers. There’s also Grasshoppers Distribution for this kind of service.

And, another option: CSA
Consumer Supported Agriculture is something new to me, but sounds like a great alternative and/or addition to farmers’ markets. What is CSA? From the website, “Community supported agriculture is exactly what it sounds like – local people supporting local farmers. At the start of a season, you sign up for a share and agree to pay the farmer a fee. In return the farmer agrees to supply you with fresh produce for a set number of weeks during the growing season.” You meet them at a designated time and place. I recently heard Mary, from Courtney Farms talk on NPR. In addition to CSA, Courtney Farms offer a la carte. A la Carte you can go to their website and order exactly what you want which they will deliver at certain locations. Currently they have pick-up points in Shelbyville, Simpsonville, Crescent Hill, Jeffersontown, and Highlands (TBD).

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