Louisville Kentucky Zoom Backgrounds


We love Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky so we made custom Louisville Zoom backgrounds out of some of our favorite images

Louisville Zoom Background

Everyone is on Zoom lately. Here are some Louisville zoom backgrounds. Kids, families, schools, work. And, people are having fun using custom background to place themselves at the beach or the Grand Canyon, maybe. We love Louisville and Kentucky so we made some for you to use. 

We would love for you to join our group for parents – ask quarantine questions and have some fun online!

Click the image to be able to download that image. Images with text are shown flipped horizontally so that they will show correctly on Zoom!

Below each image is a video link if you would like your Zoom background to be animated, if there is an animated version. 

Kentucky Horse Park zoom background

State Fair zoom background

Get outside and enjoy the nature trails around Louisville! Take photos of the flowers and try to identify them when you get home. Enjoy our Louisville Zoom Backgrounds!

Louisville zoom backgrounds

Kentucky Flower Zoom Background

On the Ohio Zoom Background

Louisville zoom backgrounds

Louisville zoom backgrounds

Big Four Bridge Zoom Background

Louisville zoom backgrounds

Crescent Hill Zoom Background

We tried to cover a variety of interests and areas for these Louisville zoom backgrounds. All of these photos were taken by Stephanie, the owner of Louisville Family Fun. Change your background to be on the river, the lake, with Lincoln, at the state capital, or beyond. Have fun!

Hey, did you know that the Louisville Palace has Zoom backgrounds also? Be on stage!

Louisville zoom backgrounds

Together Kentucky Zoom Background

Somer Splash Zoom Background

At the lake Zoom Background

Owensboro Zoom Background

Zoom and other technologies have helped keep people together during this time when we are spending so much of it apart from people we love. We hope these bring a little bit of fun to your online meetings, chats with friends and family, and give you something extra to talk about.

We hope you enjoy these Louisville zoom backgrounds (and beyond). Please visit our Social Distancing page for ideas for fun this spring and summer!

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